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September 1st to be exact, so it’s time to get rid of those winter blues, revitalize your home and prepare for warmer weather. We have put together some helpful tips to get you motivated to get in and start your spring clean. 1. Declutter Before you start preparing for spring, get rid of items th…

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Wednesday 30 September 2020

Tips on packing up your home

We know packing can be stressful at times so here are our tips on packing up your home in the most efficent and easy way possible. Furniture: Use plastic wrap or moving blankets to wrap around and underneath your furniture. Stack chairs seat to seat with cloth or paper in between. To protect your f…

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Wednesday 6 February 2019

Packing a Storage Unit

The smartest move into a storage unit starts with a simple plan and a few tips from the Pros! Once you choose the storage facility you'll be renting at, our local folks will assist with your specific needs, but meanwhile here are some of the basics: GIVE IT A TRY! Maximise the space Just about ev…

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Wednesday 30 January 2019

How to successfully pack & move?

Step 1: It is essential in any smooth process to have a ‘plan of attack’ as the most successful jobs are the ones that are planned. This plan should stay with you and your personal items, in a purse or a brief case is a good place, and should include any important documents such as: Dates of the …

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Tuesday 15 January 2019

How do I get my things into Storage?

We can assist you in getting your possessions into storage by providing you with our courtesy Ute and box trailer, or we can recommend reliable removalists.

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Tuesday 15 January 2019

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Hints and Tips

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