How to successfully pack & move?

Step 1:

It is essential in any smooth process to have a ‘plan of attack’ as the most successful jobs are the ones that are planned. This plan should stay with you and your personal items, in a purse or a brief case is a good place, and should include any important documents such as:

  • Dates of the move
  • Cost of the move
  • Contact details of important business’ (e.g. That Big Self Storage Place & removalists)
  • Reservation details for storage or temporary residency
  • A list of packaging supplies

Step 2:

To execute stage 2 of your plan you will need to purchase all of your packaging supplies. Here at That Big Self Storage Place we offer a wide range of packing materials to suit every need, from cartons to tape and beyond. Some key items that you will need are:

  • Boxes in a variety of sizes (and plenty of them)
  • Packing tape
  • Bubble wrap
  • Butchers paper
  • Shredded paper

Step 3:

Once you have purchased your boxes and packing supplies you will need to tackle each room one by one. The best place is to start is somewhere where you don’t usually require the use of the items e.g. study or garage. Begin by playing the ‘keep or chuck’ game – you sort items into piles that you are going to keep and piles that you are going to throw away or donate. Once your items are sorted into piles you can pack the ‘keep’ items into boxes and dispose of the rest.

Tip: keep the bin close by so you can throw away as you go!

Step 4:

As you are packing make sure to take note of what is in each box. It is a good idea to clearly mark them with permanent marker with a brief description of what is in the box and what room it is to go to in the new house e.g. Kate’s Room – toys and books.

Tip: write information on the packing tape that holds the box together, that way you can reuse or re-sell the boxes when you’re finished the big move!

Step 5:

Once all smaller items are packed you will need to prep and pack furniture and larger bulky items. Try to cover furniture items in removalist blankets or old sheets to ensure that they’re kept nice and clean whilst in storage or during the move. Ensure to tape draws and cupboards shut on furniture so they don’t swing open or fall out. Try to plan an idea in your mind of how you would like things packed in the removalist truck and/or storage unit so you can be prepared for the removalists.

Tip: when dismantling furniture put the smaller pieces like bolts etc. into a small zip lock bag and tape it to the frame to easily put it back together at the other end!

Step 6:

Once you are fully packed you are all set to move. Ensure you are there with the removalists to watch them pack the goods onto the truck and watch them unpack the goods at the other end so you can note if anything is damaged or lost.

Tip: if you are bringing your goods to storage keep items you may need to access at the front of your storage unit!

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Tuesday 15 January 2019

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