Packing a Storage Unit

The smartest move into a storage unit starts with a simple plan and a few tips from the Pros! Once you choose the storage facility you'll be renting at, our local folks will assist with your specific needs, but meanwhile here are some of the basics:


  1. Maximise the space

Just about every one of our storage units are at 2.4m tall, so you can stack your stuff to make the most efficient use of the storage space. Place the heavier, sturdier items at the bottom and stack the rest on top. Be sure check for stability - we don't want anything toppling over! Extra hint - Be sure to thoroughly pack your storage boxes using packing paper to fill gaps; this helps to keep the contents stable.

  1. Leave an aisle

Make sure you have a way to access your belongings at the back of your storage space. We can guarantee you'll be back to find that toaster or that one toy that your child simply cannot live without! Granted, that same toy hasn't been touched in at least six months, but you try reasoning with a four year old!

  1. Think of ways to conserve space

Do the legs come off that table? Your mattress can be tipped up on its end and your linens placed inside appliances or empty drawers.

  1. Label your boxes and keep an inventory

It doesn't take long to forget what you put into the space, much less where in the space it is! Label your boxes clearly and keep a separate inventory of all the items you placed into the storage unit. It takes a little extra time, but you'll be happy you did - not only will this help you find something a few weeks down the road, but you'll want it for your insurance agent. Extra hint! – Always place valuables to the back of the storage space just to be extra careful.

  1. Turn box labels to face the aisle

It makes it much easier to read the labels and notes you've written on the boxes.

Link - Posted by Amy Vella on Wednesday 30 January 2019

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